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Contains 31 accepted taxa overall.

Family: Rosaceae
Common Name:rose


Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida
Sub Class Rosidae
Order Rosales
Genus Rosa


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Scientific NameCommon Name
Rosa acicularis ssp. sayi prickly rose
Rosa arkansana var. suffulta a wild rose
Rosa blanda var. blanda smooth rose, meadow rose
Rosa blanda var. glabra smooth rose, meadow rose
Rosa canina dog rose
Rosa carolina var. carolina Carolina rose
Rosa carolina var. villosa pasture rose
Rosa carolina x palustris rose
Rosa carolina x rubiginosa rose
Rosa centifolia cabbage rose
Rosa cinnamomea cinnamon rose
Rosa damascena damask rose
Rosa gallica French rose
Rosa majalis double cinnamon rose
Rosa micrantha small-flowered sweetbrier
Rosa multiflora multiflora rose, rambler rose
Rosa palustris swamp rose
Rosa rubiginosa sweet brier
Rosa rubrifolia red-leaved rose
Rosa rugosa rugosa rose
Rosa setigera var. setigera climbing rose
Rosa setigera var. tomentosa prairie rose
Rosa tomentosa woolly rose
Rosa villosa apple rose
Rosa virginiana Virginia rose
Rosa wichuraiana memorial rose
Rosa x alba white rose of York
Rosa x borboniana bourbon rose
Rosa x housei rose
Rosa x palustriformis rose
Rosa x rehderiana polyantha rose
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