Sagittaria cuneata

Species:Sagittaria cuneata Sheldon
Common Name:northern arrowhead, wapato, wapatum arrowhead
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Forb/herb
Plant Notes:**
Taxonomic Notes:**
Status:Native, OBL (NWI), S5 (State Rank), G5 (Global Rank)

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Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Class Liliopsida
Sub Class Alismatidae
Order Alismatales
Genus Sagittaria
Species Sagittaria cuneata Sheldon - northern arrowhead, wapato, wapatum arrowhead


Citation Sagittaria cuneata E. Sheldon, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club. 20:283, plate 159. 1893.
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Type: **

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CountyYearHerbariaNotesSubmission Info
Albany  NYFA_1990    
Albany1927 NYS    
Albany1993 NYS    
Cayuga  NYFA_1990    
Cayuga1920 NYS    
Clinton1893 CONN    
Columbia  NYFA_1990    
Columbia1933 NYS    
Columbia1936 NYS    
Columbia1992 NYS    
Cortland  NYFA_1990    
Essex1992 NYS    
Fulton  NYFA_1990    
Fulton1934 NYS    
Genesee  NYFA_1990    
Genesee1930 NYS    
Hamilton1996 INHS
Accession #: 189441
Jefferson  NYFA_1990    
Jefferson1927 NYS    
Jefferson1931 NYS    
Monroe  NYFA_1990    
Monroe1916 NYS    
Niagara  NYFA_1990    
Niagara1939 NYS    
Niagara1991 BUF
Herbarium # 74052
Herbarium Name Used: Sagittaria cuneata
  12/18/2009 - BUF (Ed Fuchs)
Oneida  NYFA_1990    
Oneida1934 NYS    
Oneida1963 NYS    
Onondaga  NYFA_1990    
Orange1990 NYS    
Putnam1989 NYS    
Rockland1990 NYS    
Saratoga1934 NYS    
Saratoga1934 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Sagittaria cuneata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
St. Lawrence2004 BH   Anne Johnson
St. Lawrence  NYFA_1990    
St. Lawrence1891 NYS    
St. Lawrence1914 NYS    
St. Lawrence1930 NYS    
St. Lawrence1932 NYS    
St. Lawrence1935 NYS    
Tioga  NYFA_1990    
Tioga1882 NYS    
Ulster  NYFA_1990    
Ulster1966 NYS    
Warren  NYFA_1990    
Warren1941 NYS    
Warren1945 NYS    
Warren1971 NYS    
Warren1983 NYS    
Warren1945 TAES
Accession #: 90933
Washington  NYFA_1990    
Washington1920 NYS    
Washington1927 NYS    
Washington1931 NYS    
Westchester  NYFA_1990    
Westchester1936 NYS    


SynonymFull CitationBasionymTypeNotes
Sagittaria arifolia Sagittaria arifolia Nutt. ex J.G. Sm.