Agrimonia striata

Species:Agrimonia striata Michx.
Common Name:woodland agrimony
Habitat:Pastures, successional fields, thickets, floodplain forests, successional and weedy forests, stream banks, and roadsides often in mesic to wet-mesic disturbed soils.
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Forb/herb
Plant Notes:**
Taxonomic Notes:**
Status:Native, FACU- (NWI), FAC (NWI), S5 (State Rank), G5 (Global Rank)

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Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida
Sub Class Rosidae
Order Rosales
Genus Agrimonia
Species Agrimonia striata Michx. - woodland agrimony


Citation Agrimonia striata Michaux
Basionym: **
Type: **

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CountyYearHerbariaNotesSubmission Info
Albany1919 NYS    
Albany1931 NYS    
Albany1934 NYS    
Albany  NYFA_1990    
Broome1866 NYS    
Broome  NYFA_1990    
Cattaraugus1964 NYS    
Cattaraugus  NYFA_1990    
Cattaraugus2010 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Agrimonia striata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
Chautauqua1930 NYS    
Chautauqua1990 NYS    
Chautauqua1991 NYS    
Chautauqua  NYFA_1990    
Chenango1938 NYS    
Chenango  NYFA_1990    
Chenango1929 NYS    
Columbia  NYFA_1990    
Columbia1933 NYS    
Columbia1902 NYS    
Delaware1951 NYS    
Dutchess1869 NYS    
Dutchess  NYFA_1990    
Erie1930 NYS    
Erie  NYFA_1990    
Essex1926 NYS    
Essex1941 NYS    
Essex  NYS    
Essex  NYFA_1990    
Essex1927 NYS    
Essex1931 NYS    
Essex1934 NYS    
Herkimer  NYFA_1990    
Herkimer1936 NYS    
Jefferson  NYFA_1990    
Jefferson1927 NYS    
Jefferson1928 NYS    
Lewis1927 NYS    
Lewis  NYFA_1990    
Lewis1922 NYS    
Madison  NYFA_1990    
Madison1913 NYS    
Madison1914 NYS    
Madison1934 NYS    
Madison1940 NYS    
Monroe  NYFA_1990    
Nassau1907 NYS    
Nassau  NYFA_1990    
Oneida1944 NYS    
Oneida1930 NYS    
Oneida1942 NYS    
Oneida  NYFA_1990    
Oneida1935 NYS    
Onondaga1948 NYS    
Onondaga1944 NYS    
Onondaga  NYFA_1990    
Onondaga1942 NYS    
Onondaga1940 NYS    
Ontario  NYFA_1990    
Orleans1953 NYS    
Orleans  NYFA_1990    
Oswego  NYFA_1990    
Oswego1934 NYS    
Oswego1941 NYS    
Otsego1952 NYS    
Otsego  NYFA_1990    
Putnam1954 NYS    
Rensselaer1937 NYS    
Rensselaer2002 NYS    
Rensselaer1934 NYS    
Rensselaer  NYS    
Rensselaer  NYFA_1990    
Saratoga1934 NYS    
Saratoga1938 NYS    
Saratoga  NYFA_1990    
Saratoga1899 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Agrimonia striata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
Schenectady  NYFA_1990    
Schenectady1926 NYS    
Schoharie1936 NYS    
Schoharie  NYFA_1990    
St. Lawrence1994 NYS    
St. Lawrence1987 NYS    
St. Lawrence1960 NYS    
Sullivan1918 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Agrimonia striata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
Tompkins1950 NYS    
Tompkins  NYFA_1990    
Tompkins1918 NYS    
Ulster  NYFA_1990    
Ulster2010 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Agrimonia striata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
Warren1906 BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Agrimonia striata
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)
Warren1927 NYS    
Warren  NYFA_1990    
Warren1934 NYS    
Washington  NYFA_1990    
Washington1927 NYS    
Washington1936 NYS    
Wayne  NYFA_1990    
Wayne1933 NYS    


No synonyms exist for this species.