Isotrema tomentosum

Species:Isotrema tomentosum (Sims) H. Huber
Common Name:woolly Dutchman's-pipe, wooly pipevine
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Vine
Plant Notes:Specimens have yet to been seen from New York (BH and NY searched). This species is native south of New York. In New York it is reported to have become "naturalized near Pinnacle Hill, Rochester" (Beckwith et al. 1910). Specimens vouchering this report are likely at ROCH. This report or perhaps specimens based on it are likely the source for the report from western New York by Fernald (1950) and from Rochester by House (1924). Mitchell and Tucker (2003) consider that taxon to no longer be naturalized in New York. We currently follow this decision and list this taxon as a non-persisting non-native.
Taxonomic Notes:Together the segregate genera Endodeca and Isotrema form a very well supported clade that is morphologically, molecularly, and cytologically distinct from the rest of Aristolochia sensu lato (Kelly and González 2003, Neinhuis et al. 2005, Ohi-Toma et al. 2006, Wanke et al. 2006). These authors work strongly supports Huber’s (1993) taxonomic alignment which recognizes Endodeca and Isotrema as distinct genera. Ohi-Toma et al. (2006), while supporting the recognition of segregate genera within Aristolochia s.l., chose to lump Endodeca under Isotrema because the two share the same chromosome number but their work also strongly supports the recognition of the two as distinct at the generic level with the choice somewhat subjective. We currently recognize Endodeca (E. serpentaria) and Isotrema (I. macrophyllum, I tomentosum) as distinct from Aristolochia (A. clematitis) following (Huber 1993, Kelly and González 2003, Neinhuis et al. 2005).
Status:Not Persisting, Not Native, FAC (NWI), SE (State Rank), G5 (Global Rank)
References:Mitchell and Beal 1979, Berringer 1979

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Division Equisetophyta
Class Equisetopsida
Sub Class Magnoliidae
Order Piperales
Genus Isotrema
Species Isotrema tomentosum (Sims) H. Huber - woolly Dutchman's-pipe, wooly pipevine


Citation Isotrema tomentosum (Sims) H. Huber, Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml. München 3: 550. 1960.
Basionym: Aristolochia tomentosa Sims, Bot. Mag. 33: t. 1369. 1811.
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CountyYearHerbariaNotesSubmission Info
Erie  BKL
Herbarium Name Used: Aristolochia tomentosa
  2/8/2012 - BKL (Steve Glenn)


SynonymFull CitationBasionymTypeNotes
Aristolochia tomentosa Aristolochia tomentosa Sims, Bot. Mag. 33: t. 1369. 1811.