Salvinia natans

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Family Salviniaceae
Species: Salvinia natans
Exclusion Explanation: Based on a report only from Pursh's Flora Americae Septentrionalis published in 1814.
Accepted Name: **
Full Explanation: We are not aware of any specimens of Salvinia natans from New York, although Pursh did report this from central New York in his 1814 publication and Britton and Brown (1896) state that this plant was "introduced into ponds on Staten Island, NY. Reported by Pursh in 1814 from central New York, but his exact station is unknown." Fernald (1950) says that material of Salvinia natans has been misidentified as S. rotundifolia. Flora of North America (1993) captures this and states "as such, might be mistakenly attributed to S. minima." Unfortunately, FNA goes on to state "the name S. natans appears to have been applied only to an 1886 collection from Perry County, Missouri" and they make no mention of Pursh's 1814 report, Britton and Brown's 1896 reference, or any additional indication of the material Fernald is referring to in 1950. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden states through the NYC Metropolitan Flora that "Salvinia minima has been historically reported from a couple of ponds in Richmond and Rockland Counties; but these most likely represent deliberate introductions or escapes." They also state that Salvinia is not sufficiently cold hardy to survive our winters. Without known specimens to study, this species is excluded from the New York. Most likley all New York material previously referred to as Salvinia natans is actually S. minima.

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Family Salviniaceae
Genus Salvinia
Species Salvinia natans


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